Brave New Worlds 80s art show this Friday in Philadelphia! [UPDATE]

You’ll recall we previously mentioned that Brave New Worlds Comics and The Autumn Society are holding an 80s Pop Art Show (and the wicked Ghostbusters illustration by Dave Perillo they sent to go with it – if you missed it, you should go look) – well, it’s that time. The show is this Friday at 6PM!

The show is at “Brave New Worlds Old City”, but I have no idea which of their two stores that is, so I’m assuming those people that live in Philadelphia will know, or will contact the stores to find out.

[UPDATE] That would be 45 North 2nd Street (just north of Market Street) and close to the Second and Market stop on the SEPTA Market-Frankford Line.

And just to get you pumped, PC reader and tipster Chogrin sent in one of his pieces for the show! Sweeeet.

Click for full sized image
Click for full sized image


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