Ivan Reitman talks Blu-ray, GB2 Blu-ray – Digital Bits likes the disc

Ivan Reitman was the surprise guest at last night’s Ghostbusters Blu-ray screening in LA, and he took the time to talk Ghostbusters, the game, and Ghostbusters 3 with the press. Thanks to EDFX for the heads up.

What finally made a Ghostbusters 3 a real possibility?

Reitman: I actually think the combination of both the Blu-ray release and the new game sort of awakened the thirst of at least the creators of the movie to start to rethink it more seriously, the possibility of a sequel. It’s something that’s been sort of dormant in our minds, really, for the last 10 years or so, and there have been two things that sort of told us, “Wow, people still seem to be really interested in this story, and the characters in this story.” More importantly, it sort of reawakened the joy of working on this film in both iterations.

Check out Clay Stone’s article on the event and disc here.

Ivan Reitman also spoke for a minute about his thoughts on Ghostbusters II¸ saying that although the film will never be considered as good as the original, it is still a great companion piece. He also said that, although it hasn’t been announced, he does expect a Blu-ray release of the sequel eventually, hopefully with lots of special features, as it was far better archived than the first film throughout its production. All of the previous releases of Ghostbusters II on DVD have contained little to no special features. Hopefully this will change if/when it’s released on Blu-ray.

Digital Bits had a look at the disc and gave it a solid thumbs up, with caveats.

In any case… I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder in a movie theatre than I did back in ’84, when I first saw Ghostbusters. The new Blu-ray version is generally very good, but a few omissions from the previously available DVD extras are likely to prove a frustration for fans and collectors, and prevent the Blu-ray from being called truly great, which is too bad. Still, the improvements in video and audio quality here are very welcome, and the new bonus material (created exclusively for Blu-ray) is quite good. On the whole, the Blu-ray upgrade is still recommended… but at the right price.

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