Ghostbusters Summer: The Screenings [UPDATE June 8th]

I think the next couple of months will be the most theatrical screenings, at once, that Ghostbusters has had since it first came out, starting with the special Blu-ray screening tonight in LA.

[UPDATE] Screenings in New York, Colorado, and Grand Rapids have popped up! Keep sending them in! Thanks to Kevin Henry, Jef Leppard (ha!), and Chris Gates for the heads up.

[UPDATE] San Diego! Thanks, Kuzeh.

Fri, Jun 19th – Broxton Avenue Cinema
8:30PM – Free
Broxton Ave, Los Angeles CA

Saturday, June 20th – The Rio Theatre
10AM to 4:30PM – $16 in advance
Ghostbusters 1&2 Plus Real Ghostbusters
Broadway and Commercial, Vancouver, BC
More information here.

Click to see full size
Click to see full size

Saturday, June 19th and 20th – Studio 35
11:30PM – $5
Columbus, Ohio
Come early and register to win some great prizes, Ghostbusters 1 and 2 on DVD, Ghostbusters on Bluray DVD, Ghostbusters The Video Game, hats t-shirts and more!!!!!! All raffle money and donations raised will go toward Horror Host Legend Dr. Creep’s medical expenses.

click for full size
click for full size

Thursday, June 25th – Screen on the Green
6PM to 11PM – Free (outdoors)
265 Centennial Olympic Park Drive N.W., Atlanta GA

Friday, June 26th – Empire Granville 7 Cinemas
More info to come

June 30th – Wealthy Theatre
1130 Wealthy Street, Grand rapids MI.

Saturday July 18th – Landmark’s Ken Cinema
11:59 – $7.25
4061 Adams Avenue, San Diego CA

July 24 – Pier 45
8:30 PM – Free (outdoors)
Pier 46, New York, NY

August 4th – Film on the Rocks
$10 – natural outdoor Red Rocks Amphitheater

Know of more? There are more. I know there are more – send them in! Comment below!

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