Region 4 Extreme Ghostbusters DVD gets fan thumbs up

Jason wrote in to say that he went out and picked up the region 4 Extreme Ghostbusters DVD, with the first 13 episodes, and was happy he did;

I just wanted to let you know that I got my Region 4 “Extreme Ghostbusters” 2-disc DVD set in the mail yesterday. I’ve got a region-free player, and pre-ordered the set from Australia as soon as I saw your story about it weeks ago. As expected, there are no real extras to speak of, but it does contain the first 13 episodes of the series with impressive video and sound quality. No one who is a GB fan and owns an all-region DVD player should be on the fence about buying this. Get it now so we can get the rest of the episodes released. Or so we can show Sony there is enough interest for a Region 1 DVD set.

Well, I’m certainly considering it – Jason got his with no hassles via EasyDVD for $15 (Australian?)

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