Ghostbusters Summer – The Midnight Game Release Parties! [UPDATE June 12th]

Thanks to cooperative shop owners across the continent and a little semantic loophole wherein retailers aren’t allowed to sell the Ghostbusters video game until Tuesday, June 16th… but not specifically when on the 16th, thus making it possible to open up the tills at 12:01AM and selling game to anyone willing to stay up late Monday night.

Here is the current list of Midnight Release Parties – if you know of more, or have more details on the events below, please do send them in!

Vancouver, BC – GameStop #1886
Well, that bites. With approximately 30 people, minimum, planning to attend an evening of prizes and playing the game, GameStop head office couldn’t figure out a way to send extra copies to the event, meaning nobody that didn’t pre-order, could pick up the game at the event. Effectively, killing the event. Nice. Still, the GameStop manager at that location was awesome, and Proton Charging’s big event is June 20th at The Rio. Sorry, Vancouver, the midnight game release just wasn’t meant to be.

Lewisville, TX – GameStop #688
The restored Ecto-1 will be on hand, and likely some of the lads from Terminal Reality that worked on the game. Ernie Hudson will be visiting local shops throughout the day Tuesday, but will not be at the Midnight party.
[UPDATE]Store Location corrected! 40 members of Terminal Reality will be in attendance, as will 20 Ghostbusters from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and possibly Arizona! Media will be in attendance and GS is working to ship extra copies to the store, so there will hopefully be lots of copies for walk-ins!

[UPDATE] Ernie Hudson has had to remain in New York and will not be able to attend the release day appearances. This is disappointing, I know, but both Ernie and the various organizers worked hard to make it happen, and bad luck got in the way. It was a nice try regardless!

Waynesville, NC – GameStop #5911
The WNC Ghostbusters will be on hand!

Glendale, AZ – GameStop #2279
The Arizona Ghostbusters will be on hand for a meet and greet and to help collect donations for the Salvation Army. Raffles and trivia for prizes benefiting the Salvation Army, Free Popcorn, Face Painting and screenings of “Ghostbusters” 1 and 2

Central Park/Yonkers NY – GameStop #601
No details.

New York, NY – GameStop #1363
No details.

Salt Lake City, UT – GameStop #2736
“games and contests everything is going to the United Way”

Pinellas Park, FL – GameStop #3097

The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters will be hosting a Ghostbusters Video Game release party on Monday June 15th from 9:30pm til Midnight at the Gamestop in Parkside Mall. Everyone is invited and we will be doing a charity raffle for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, trivia, psychic tests, and on display will be the Ecto Truck as well as our containment unit and tables set up with Ghostbusters memorabillia. Email us for more details (
WHEN: Monday June 15th from 9:30pm til Midnight
WHERE: Gamestop in Parkside Mall, 3720 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park, FL 33781 (727-522-1374)

Seabrook, NH – GameStop #2863
No details. UNCONFIRMED ADDRESS (call before going)

Cranston, RI – GameStop #6145
No details. UNCONFIRMED ADDRESS (call before going)

Sioux City, IA – GameStop #3261
Prize give-aways.

Clarksville IN – GameStop #763
“The Manager’s name is Brian. When you make/switch your reservation just tell him the Louisville Ghostbusters sent you.”

Certain Wal-Mart 24 Hour Stores (check local store to confirm)
Certain 24 Hour Wal-Marts have been displaying posters saying that gamers can get a demo CD if they come by and pick up the game Monday night at midnight.

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