Ghostbusters to be Toyfare #144 cover story [UPDATE]

Not much more to say than that – issue #144 of ToyFare (the next one to come out, over the next couple of weeks. Check your local comic shop or magazine store) will feature Ghostbusters as the cover story, and look at all things Ghostbusters toys inside. Thanks, Randy!

ToyFare #144 Ghostbusters Cover
o The greatest movie of all time is finally getting the toys it deserves. No…not CITIZEN KANE… GHOSTBUSTERS!

Toyfare has their interview with Harold Ramis up online, for those that don’t have the magazine. Thanks, Dimitrios! Don’t miss the second page – it’s a very subtle link at the end of the first page.

What was it like seeing an action figure that actually looked like you?
It was weird coming after all the toy merchandising that was really predicated on the cartoon show. The movie drove the merchandising and yet they were afraid to use our likenesses because they didn’t know that we would stick with it. So, there was something more generic about the cartoon figures. I have one sitting right here in my office, the blonde Egon. It was cool that we created something that had that much reach into the culture. And now, to see one that actually looks like me and to see our likenesses in the new video game is incredible.

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Click to see full size

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