Just because it’s Friday: Aykroyd and Ramis talkin’ GB and GB3

These days, the internet is full of Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis talking about Ghostbusters – like like it’s 1999, all over again! Thanks to Ali and Clay for the linkage.

Here, Dan Aykroyd talks a bit about the game and a lot about the possible third movie;

(note: I’ve played the level in that last shot. The door wasn’t covered like that – I wonder if the footage is from an older version of the game?)

Here, Harold Ramis talks a bit about the game and a lot about the possible third movie, only in text, not video;

What are your thoughts on the new Atari Ghostbusters game?

Harold Ramis: As soon as they started showing us animatics of what they wanted to do I thought this was really cool. There was something intimately flattering about having our real images in the game looking what we used to look like, which is more than flattering. It seemed quite natural. And the possibility that there’d be realistic dialogue recorded with our voices. Of course, you can’t invest the kind of time to make it a full-blown comedy, the game is more action than comedy. But the fact that it could have comic moments and the kind of funny ironic attitude that the movie had married to a state-of-the-art action game seemed like a great possibility.

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