goes behind the scenes with Terminal Reality

Marc Ecko’s (oh Marc, don’t make me look up that accent over the O) has an exclusive sit down with Glen Gamble, senior artist at Terminal Reality – it’s a nice talk about the making of the game, and appropriate on today, release day for the game. Check it out!

Complex: The proton beam is pretty sick.

Glenn Gamble: I spent over a month and a half getting the proton beam to look the way it does, with programmer’s help—he did all this crazy math, did it all wild, shooting every which direction. The proton beam originally was just as wild and crazy as it was in the movie and that’s really frustrating to a player when you aim at the crosshair and it goes five, ten feet to the left of the crosshair. So we had to control it in, but it’s that fine line of making it look like the proton beam, but at the same time it still have to hit somewhere around the target so people don’t get frustrated with it. Crossing the streams is absolutely bad—you can do it if you want, but you get a blowback and it’s a very damaging thing.

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