Ghostbusters: The Mobile Game hits iTunes store – US only!

For those of you with an iPhone or iTouch who have been waiting for the Ghostbusters mobile game previously mentioned on PC, well, wait no more (launches iTunes.) Mostly overshadowed by the countdown to its bigger brothers, the Ghostbusters mobile app went live on the 12th – the game looks like a lot of fun and is a mere $4.99. Here’s the bad news – it’s US only, so far. Not that I’m looking for another Ghostbusters game right now. I’m having a tough enough time making my way through the three others right now. But still, it would have been nice to have standing by. Stay tuned for more info about availability. Thanks to Lucas for the spot.

The game is essentially a port of the mobile game Vivendi released last year, with adjustments made to the iPhone’s taller screen aspect.

Big ups to Joseph for sending in screengrabs (love that iPhone screengrab feature!)

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