Playstation Home Ghostbusters firehall goes live on June 18th! [UPDATE]

Budding electro-directors and Ghostbusters fans – the Playstation Home Ghostbusters Firehall set is coming this week!

From Sony;

GHOSTBUSTERS FIREHOUSE ON LOCATION LAUNCHES IN PLAYSTATION® HOME: Interactive Ghostbusters’ Movie Set Available Starting Tomorrow to Fans in Popular 3D Social Gaming Space

June 17, 2009 – In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters and its worldwide release on Blu-ray tomorrow, Loot, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s PlayStation® Home developer team, and Sony Pictures Consumer Products, together with Atari and Terminal Reality, are releasing the Ghostbusters Firehouse On Location for the PlayStation Home environment.

The Firehouse personal space is a detailed replica of the three floor Ghostbusters’ headquarters from the original movie. It comes complete with the ghost containment unit in the basement, the garage and office areas on the 1st floor, plus the living room, laboratory, fire poles, bedroom and bathroom areas. The space can be customized with Home players’ own furniture and picture frames as they host parties and create Ghostbusters: The Video Game strategies with friends.

Ghostbusters Firehouse On Location comes with the Loot’s Stage Set camera functionality, movie props and portable blue screens. Users can, through the use of an external special effects/compositing programs, create images of their avatar driving the Ecto-1 in their own machinima movies (capture and editing hardware/software not included). Fans can realize the dream of getting inside the historic Ecto-1, playing with the siren, turning on the engine, opening the trunk and checking under the hood. They can also fly around as Slimer and spook friends by passing right through the walls!

The Firehouse is available starting Thursday, June 18, along with Ghostbusters’ costumes, ornaments and t-shirts by Loot, which are already available in the PlayStation Home Mall.

And they sent pictures!

Click to see full sized image
Click to see full sized image

[UPDATE] Sony’s Playstation blog has posted a video walkthrough! Thanks to TheGeekNile

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