Ramis tells AICN, Ghostbusters 3 does not have greenlight

This is most a chat between Ain’t It Cool News and Harold Ramis, talking about his work, Year One, etc., but as expected talk turns to Ghostbusters 3, which is then entirely wasted by AICN asking the same questions as everyone else. However, they do manage to get Ramis to say what has been common knowledge, but overlooked by a lot of enthusiastic fans – Ghostbusters 3 has not begun production. This is important info, because the project could fall apart tomorrow, but everyone already has 2012 marked on their calendar. Thanks to Nevil for the link.

Capone: They’re still writing, okay. So, we’ve been hearing all sorts of wild casting rumors about younger…

HR: No, none of that’s real. There will be young ghostbusters, but no specific casting is real, and no director is committed.

Capone: And, for the four main cast members…

HR: Everyone said they’d be in it.

Capone: Okay, it’s strictly a verbal thing at this point?

HR: Yeah, because there’s no…The studio does not want to commit to us at this point. It’s very…When everyone says ‘yes’ that will trigger a very expensive deal for the powers that be.

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