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It’s already an established fact that Dan Schoening’s distinct art style was used as concept art for the Wii version of the Ghostbusters video game, when Sierra producers gave his art to Red Fly Studios as examples of what they were looking for. And having contacted them, it was generally understood that he would be credited for the use of his art. That was a year and a publisher ago, however, and when the game hit the shelves last week, his name wasn’t include.

Dan, understandably wanting recognition, took to his blog, and in response, Red Fly took to their blog. Somewhere in between (click here to read JoyStiq’s summation of events) is the sense that either side wishes the other had handled it differently in the first place, and that taking it public isn’t cool, but it’s done, and here’s why;

Too Many Cooks – The credit situation for the Ghostbusters game is nightmarish. Two publishers, two developers, a license owner, and a whole host of third-party companies are involved in the production of the games. With all those names, “special thanks” is the first to suffer. This isn’t unusual – I did a whole year of direct design on a game, and I’m not in the credits. It sucks. And it happens.

Head Chef – Atari, as publisher, is responsible for the credit gathering. There’s a small truth to the fact that in the final credits, timing was an issue, but a little tweaking could have scrolled text faster. On the other hand, you thank on person, then you have to thank the hundred others. But I’m digressing – the point is Red Fly’s lead artist talked to Dan and said he would receive credit. And then publishers changed, and it wasn’t his call. I’m surprised he opted to take the hit publicly, except that he did genuinely want to do what he could to affirm Dan’s involvement, even if he does have to be the fallguy.

Why am I saying all this?

Well, it’s simple. Dan totally deserves credit for the involvement of his art in the production of the game. And in a perfect world, Atari, and all publishers, make it a point to thank everyone involved. And Red Fly shouldn’t take too much of the heat on this, particularly when they did what they could within their own powers, to acknowledge Dan (and you have to trust me on this – publishing contracts have whole big sections that say, “keep your yap shut – publicity is run through the publisher” – that they said anything is a surprise).

And at the end of the day, everybody’s had their say and in the long run, Dan’s work will be better known in the public because of this slight than if he’d been properly credited.

Mostly I’m saying it because the one side effect of the recent increased interest in Ghostbusters on this site is the negativity and arguing. It erodes the soul, honestly.

I’d rather declare this done (because, practically, it is) and focus on Dan’s secret project!


  1. I love Dan’s art (as do we all) and wish him the best. I can’t honestly imagine handling things any differently than he has and only hope it all comes up peaches for him! I hadn’t noticed the arguing on here so much… that’s sad however. We are ALL Ghostbusters. All a team. I can still remember as a teenager getting beaten up for wearing GB sweaters! We stand together. It’s a privilege and an honor to be part of such a great community so we shouldn’t waste it!

  2. The Red Fly blog page linked to in the article is no longer online, but Google cached a copy, so here it is:
    Special thanks to Dan Schoening
    June 23, 2009

    Dan Schoening is a very good artist. Recently, it has come to our attention that he was left out of the credits for Ghostbusters Wii.

    Dan does some really kick ass art that can be found on this site:

    Several people have emailed our site saying we stole this and that from Dapper Dan but we’ve made it a point to engage and appease him several times.

    While it is true his name got left off the credits for Ghostbusters Wii. It wasn’t malicious or intentional – it just happened. The credit list was very long and convoluted since Sony, Vivendi (now Activision-Blizzard), and Atari had to come before us.

    So we are putting up this blog entry to say:

    “Dan, we are sorry you were left out of the credits. Your fan art inspired us to make a game that people are responding well to. We want to thank you and recognize your talent and contribution to the process.”

    - Dan Borth CEO Red Fly Studio


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