Geek Night Out – arrrgh


Well, I screwed that one up.

For awhile now I’d been aware of Paul Gannon’s Geek Night Out, and in particular an upcoming, Ghostbusters-themed show. Not wanting the news to get lost in the torrent of Ghostbusters news this month, I held off… and held off… and held off on posting it, until finally the big week was here.

And I didn’t remember to post it.

I hope those of you in the UK that follow Geek Night Out at its website, heard about it on facebook, or heard about it via Anthony Bueno, got a chance to go check out a funny night of Ghostbusters-tinged comedy. And if you didn’t, well, there will be more and you should go, so I don’t feel like a complete crumb. And for those of you with time-machines, I know the energy requirements are high, but c’mon… Ghostbusters comedy. And it was just last night. You can barely call it time-travel.

I will endeavor to mitigate my cock-up by keeping an eye on the Geek Night Out podcast, where hopefully they will be posting some clips from the show in the coming weeks.

Again, my apologies to Paul, who put a lot of work into a great night of comedy.

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