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Just to let everyone know, the contest, which closed last Friday, is still on and winners will be hearing from me shortly.

The delay has been a prize sponsor that has gone silent – everyone else I either have their prizes, or expect them shortly, so I know I can pull names for those items. The last one, they haven’t confirmed sending them.

I thought about drawing without them, but then they show up and everyone that won is all choked that they could have won this other thing. So, I gave them a little extra time, and that’s about out.

So, sit tight, winners to be announced shortly, and if extra stuff does show up later, we’ll have a second, distinct contest. Just to be fair.

A big thanks to everyone that entered – nearly 800 of you! That’s an awesome turn-out.


  1. It’s all good; thanks for keeping us up to date on what’s going on. :)

  2. that sucks about the people going Silent I am sure everything will work out.

  3. aww man everything will work out.i still have my fingers crossed that iam chosen for a prize.well good luck 2 everyone who entered

  4. Thanks for letting us know what’s going on. I have been checking my e-mail all day, lol.

  5. appreciate the update, as i have been wondering whether or not i’m one of the lucky few

  6. Cool! Thanks for keeping us updated! Best of luck, you guys!

  7. Thanks for the update.

    In the meantime, my fingers will remain firmly crossed, which makes typing this fairly difficult.

  8. all i want is my keychian and stress stay puft, if the gods allow a game maybe. cant afford the one i want, just hoping to win somthing.

  9. 800 people entered? Hmmm I wonder who was double and triple dipping? lol

  10. i’ve still got any and everything crossed that is humanly possible in hopes of winning something no matter how small it is.

  11. Thanks to you for the great competition! We shall all await patiently! And me too, everything crossed for even the tiniest of GB goodness!

  12. Is any of that stuff still available for purchase? One of those photos had some Hot-Topic-ish stuff that looked very worthy of my cash, so…anyhoo…also, just to remind everyone, it’s not the size that matters! It’s what’s inside that counts.

  13. I derserve to win! I’m praying!

    #1 BG Fan

  14. Awesome awesome.
    So who was it that went silent? Atari? haha

  15. I had just assumed I lost. Now I feel like I just have a 2nd chance to lose. Haha. Please to god let me win, something, anything!

  16. why is someone claiming that stuff can be bought without the winners even being chosen? A lil rushed I think…lol

  17. I wasn’t claiming it can be bought, just asking; of course I’d hold off on buying it/them until the winners are announced. I don’t have enough money to just grab something off the shelf the moment I see it. I gotta plan with my money.

  18. oh man don’t worry I meant it as a joke did not mean for it to sound offensive.I think we are all in the same boat.I know what you mean.

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