Ghostbusters Summer: AMC and E4 showing both films

Big thanks to everyone that mailed in about AMC (TV channel, not theater chain) showing both Ghostbusters films this month, starting tonight – and if you’re thinking, hey, Ghostbusters on TV, big whoop. Well, it’s being broadcast in HD (check local listings.)

Also, E4 in the UK will be showing Ghostbusters tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 3rd). E4 has put a lot of energy into advertising the showing, but the commercial hasn’t yet popped up online.

[UPDATE] Here are AMC’s times, from their website (which you should check out, as there are a couple of Ghostbuster quizzes and a Baddest Monster Hunter showdown (Ghostbusters won their slot in round one.)

Tue., Jun. 2 @ 8PM | 7C
Wed., Jun. 3 @ 3PM | 2C
Sun., Jun. 21 @ 10:30AM | 9:30C
Sun., Jun. 21 @ 8PM | 7C
Ghostbusters II
Tue., Jun. 2 @ 10:30PM | 7C
Wed., Jun. 3 @ 5:30PM | 4:30C
Sun., Jun. 21 @ 1PM | 12C
Sun., Jun. 21 @ 10:30PM | 9:30C

New game trailer for E3!

Atari has released another trailer for E3, and it’s lots more stuff we haven’t seen (but is short enough it’s fairly harmless, spoilier-wise.) Nods to Ron Daniels and Winston18 at the forums for the heads up.

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