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Amazon taking pre-orders on RGB DVD set.

By on Jul 30, 2009 in MERCH, RGB | 0 comments

Well, and here I thought the Summer discount codes from Time-Life were as good as it got. has started taking pre-orders for a September 29th shipping of the complete RGB DVD series collection, by Time-Life – currently, Amazon’s discount puts the set at… have a seat… $125.99US BUT WAIT! Before anyone goes too crazy over the number,...

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Happy Birthday, Draiden!

By on Jul 29, 2009 in FANS, GB | 0 comments

I know that technically, likely every day someone visiting Proton Charging is having a birthday. And it should be accepted that we wish you all the best. But it’s not every day that someone visiting Proton Charging having a birthday party is one of the Ghostbusters youngest fans AND they’ve got an awesome cake! Happy 5th, Draiden! Loving a movie five...

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T-shirt – from my back to yours [UPDATE]

By on Jul 29, 2009 in ART, FANS, GB2 | 0 comments

Sort of. Basically, I made up a shirt for my own use, but as it’s essentially a minimized priced (and a super-low one to boot – approx. $12 + s/h US), I might as well offer it up to the crowd as well. But as this is only intended as a short-lived project, it won’t be up long. And yes, the ladies can get one too, if they like. The print is metallic...

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SDCC Empire Magazine t-shirt

By on Jul 27, 2009 in GB, MERCH | 0 comments

Empire Magazine was at the San Deigo Comic Con and they were giving out t-shirts to everyone that subscribed – the shirts featured the SDCC logo on the sleeve of the black tees, and one of a selection of Empire Magazine covers, taken from their 500 All Time Best Movies special issue from last year. This of course included Ghostbusters. The Arizona Ghostbusters...

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