Sigourney Weaver doesn’t expect to appear in third movie

Talking to TV Squad about a variety of things, the topic turned to Ghostbusters 3, and while it has previously been said she would be involved, she is now not as certain.

So, you won’t be appearing in the movie?

No, I don’t expect to have anything to do with it, although I wish them well.

There’s way more than that, but that about sums it up – it should be pointed out for the conclusionally jumpy, Weaver does not say it is certain she wouldn’t be in the second sequel for Ghostbusters, but rather that she doesn’t think there will be. As the script writers hand in their first draft, and then everyone gets a crack at it, it’s not impossible that she will make at least a cameo, provided the movie actually goes into production. We’ll find out in good time.

Thanks to Daryn for the heads up.

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