Mattel SDCC packaging revealed – 12″ Ray due in September! More Mattel Q&A

A number of people posted a link to Toy News International, which has a picture of the packaging for 6″ Egon and Slimer, out this August. But what’s even better than this sneak-peak at the boxing is that the packaging confirms Mattel’s intent to release the 12″ Ray in September!

The Egon packaging is pretty sweet and highly displayable. Unfortunately the back of the packaging, filled with Egon factoids, is a hard read in the photo shown at TNI. Thanks to Terry for the heads up. has posted their July Q&A and someone wanted to know more about the Ghostbusters figs;

Q4. Will the Ghostbusters line be limited to the likenesses of the four main characters, or will we see other characters like Janine, Louis, Dana (with Oscar?), Zuul, Gozer or even Lord Viggo? What of a BAF Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

A4:We are working hard with Sony to bring as many of these secondary characters and villains into the line. There are no plans for a Collect and Connect Stay Puff as he is way to big to work in that format. We will get to Mr. Stay Puff in a way that will bring him in the best scale possible.

It will be interesting to see what they do, considering NECA’s Gozer, Terror Dogs, and Stay-Puft were pretty spot-on.

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