Ecto-1 appears on UK’s Fifth Gear has had this for awhile, and I’ve only just gotten a chance to check it out and post it. It is well worth checking out, as the Fifth Gear crew get to ride around in the Ecto-1. The question is, where did this one come from? I’m assuming it really is a ’59 MM combo-car – as a gearhead show, the audience would tear them apart if it wasn’t. But I didn’t think the one showing up at events for the past year or so wasn’t a ’50 MM. Is this someone else’s replica? Surely Sony didn’t fly the damn thing over (given the US car’s schedule, when would they have the time?)

As a bonus, 5thG invited Most Haunted psychic-alumni and car fanatic Derek Acorah to come along for the ride. It is some excellent footage of the car in action – is it just me, or does it look like the front end in a little lopsided?

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