New Merch! Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy drink!

Yeah, you read that right – Boston America, makers of all those ginchy video-game themed mint-tins, energy drinks, etc. that you’ve likely seen at your local comic shop, are producing a Ghostbusters energy drink!

It will likely be available in stores soon (check with your local comic shop), but you can order it now through Amazon at $2.99 a can( [UPDATE] You can buy through Amazon, but it’s not by Amazon, rather a sub-retailer. And it’s $4.99 shipping – WAIT FOR STORES TO CARRY IT.) The image provided on the BA and Amazon websites aren’t final, rather mock-ups, but still, a hilarious idea. I wonder if they thought to try and make it taste like Ecto-cooler? It’ll probably taste like “energy-drink”. Or “green”.

Thanks to Jonathan for the tip!

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