Busting caps makes me feel good

That line is an infinite well of headlines, isn’t it?

Friends of Proton Charging, the guys at Speedway Squad, recently mentioned The Internet Movie Firearms Database on their show, and it is exactly what you expect – a large (though, incomplete, but growing) database of guns in movies. What movies, what guns, who used them, did they use them right, etc. They even pour over fake guns made of parts from real guns, like Deckard’s PKD in Blade Runner.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), Ghostbusters is listed. Not for the proton pack, which is of no interest to gun aficionados, but for the surprising number of guns that do put in an appearance. I never even thought about it, but it turns out there are a lot of guns in Ghostbusters! Not action movie lots, but… you know, for a movie that I would have called gun-less, it’s got a lot of guns.

Check it out!


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