Ray’s Occult t-shirt [UPDATE July 15th]

Via @gbfans comes this classy basic black tee from everyone’s favourite New York specialty bookstore. It’s a shame they didn’t stick closer to the logotype on the awning, as seen in Ghostbusters 2, but the shirt does look like a real store. A subtle – VERY SUBTLE – in joke shirt.

It’s interesting to point out that the t-shirt bears the fictional address seen on the prop business cards attributed to Ghostbusters 2, the real-world address is half a block down, between 31 and 33 St. Mark’s Place. The East Village is filled with little shops bearing 1/2 addresses, which would put Ray’s Occult at something like 31 1/2 St. Mark’s Place. I’ve been meaning to go over this one as a Shot On This Site. This might be the excuse I needed.

[UPDATE] Turns out Zazzle has another Ray’s Occult shirt on it (thanks Shodanmark) – this one was a design that originally appeared at Cafe Press, but was yanked at Sony’s request. And if the Doodle Vandal has his way, there will be a third soon!

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