Universal Ecto-1 up for sale

A ’59 Caddy, currently owned by a private collector, but apparently originally belonging to Universal Studios, is up for sale on eBay. If you’ve got $45k, it could be yours.

The history of the cars is a rat’s nest – besides the movie cars, promotional cars were made, and 25 years has seen a lot of replicas, good and bad, join the scene. Assuming this is actually a Universal car, then it’s possibly one built by Peter Mosen for the studio (Mosen built three cars for Columbia after the first movie.) But the listing doesn’t provide that much information and I wouldn’t swear to it – the Ecto’s are not my area. I thought the Universal cars were the ones overhauled by Sony for the anniversary. Like I said, the Ecto’s aren’t well tracked, and the number of replicas out there don’t help.

Where are our Ecto experts? I know you’re out there. Big ups to Eman for the link.

[VIA Jalopnik]

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