This is how rumours get started – no such thing as Ghostbusters Jello [UPDATE]

That’s not to say there shouldn’t have been though.

While commenting on the recent release of the Ghostbusters energy drink, a writer opted to toss in a little free tidbit for readers, something they do with a lot of their posts.

Jello made two different GHOSTBUSTERS-related products: Slimer Lime, and Mood Slime.

Apparently someone typed “Ghostbusters Food” into Google and got back this link to a long-archived GBN discussion of made up GB foods. In that thread, one Doc Ryedale posits a few funny and entirely fictitious Ghostbusters-themed foods.

Including Slimer Lime and Mood Slime Jello – a specific search for those items in Google turns up exactly two links. The JoBlo news item and the GBN thread.

I’ll give the JoBlo writer the benefit of the doubt that they meant it as a joke. Yeah, that’s the ticket. A joke. Not slap-dash researching at all.

[UPDATE] Nice. Very nice.

SLIMER LIME by ~lordsmiley on deviantART

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