Print Is Dead: cover mock-up

So, the first challenge I gave myself was to come up with the cover. In a lot of ways, designing a cover for a book that isn’t written is putting the cart before the horse, but it’s not like the contents of this book aren’t known. It’s not like it’s a fiction novel and it’d be nice to have a particular scene referenced in the cover art. It’s Ghostbusters!

And frankly, I’m the kind of person that likes stuff like this, as a touchstone while I work on the book. It’s a visual reminder of what I was thinking when I start a project, and later on, even if the final cover changes (and this one will, as there are a few people who’s feedback I will be seeking, and a few elements I will be adding), along the way I can always take a peek when I’m banging my head against the wall.

Since these will come up, I will address them now;

1) Why aren’t I using the logo, either no-ghost or text?

This is an unofficial book. Unofficial reference books can be written, but they are, by definition, unofficial. The fair use of materials inside are one thing, but using a registered trademark on the cover are another. Basically, the book is valid. The use of the logo on the cover is not. So, no logo.

2) Why do you hate Winston?

I don’t. I love Winston. And I tried a lot of different images that included Winston, but none worked as well, visually or thematically, as the one of the three founders huddled in a library. Consider it more like this – that shot represents their first encounter with a real ghost. Not a sponge migrating or something they read about in a book. This is their first tangible case. If I had to pick one scene that illustrates the Ghostbusters perfectly, that’s the shot. The studious Egon scanning, the excited Ray recording and wound up, and Peter, not buying any of it for a second. Perfect.

So, I would have loved to put Winston on the cover, but in the end I’m opting to include him on the back. Don’t worry – he’ll get his fair shake inside.

And now, the WIP cover;
print-is-dead_COVER copy

Next task; working out the interior type design, and trying it out on the first article (The Real Ghostbusters Magazine reference.)

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