Bape releases even more cute GB gear

Taking their official license from Sony and running with it, Japan’s A Bathing Ape design house has added a variety of new products to their line of previous Ghostbusters t-shirts.


The design-label as released a whole host of t-shirts, which now include Slimer hanging out with the no-ghost logo and Baby Milo (the house’s cute mascot).

Of more interest, at least to fans not interested in the high-priced hipster t-shirts, are the mugs and – and these are frickin’ sweet – trainers with the no-ghost logo incorporated into the shoe. Even the box is hawt!


They are not cheap however, with a US distributor selling them online at $100 for the t-shirts and $240 for the shoes. Yeeks.

Thanks for the lead, Grim!

[VIA I♥CoolStuff & Bape Nerd]

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