Ghostbusters pushing 500K sales

NPD released sales data last week, which initially didn’t look great, as Ghostbusters missed the top ten sales for that period by a scant few sales, but the more important numbers were that overall, in the first 2 1/2 weeks of sales, moved 440K units, making it the hottest game tied to a movie, nearly doubling the number of sales of the Transformer’s game and the game released in conjunction with Pixar’s UP (both of which had synergistic marketing behind them.)

It’s not hard to imagine then that since the point the data ends, approximately last week, the game has continued to sell and it won’t be long before it breaks half a million. And that’s before the non-Sony platform versions of the game see a release overseas!

That’s not to say it instantly means a sequel, but of the handful of conditions that are required before someone will greenlight a game sequel, this is a big one – Big sales. And considering that a budget estimate for the game was recently placed at $15-20 Million (a not unusual number for a high-profile, next-gen game, let alone one with a second SKU with a radically different art style), this means a conservative estimate would mean the game has grossed back double that amount, easy. With all this, should a third movie get the go ahead, a second game is pretty much a given.

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