Mattel unveils year’s line-up – Venkman, Winston, and Peck? [UPDATE]



[UPDATE] More, fantastic pics from Mattel’s SDCC booth!

Mattel held a panel today at San Diego Comic Con and after letting the fans wank over their coming line of Masters of the Universe figures, they got down to business showing off their plans for the Ghostbusters license. To kick things off, they did say their focus wasn’t limited to the movies, but included the animated series as well as the video game, and the are actively working on a re-do of the Real Ghostbusters line.

Other Big Things Of Note:
-Mattel is working on expanding to overseas (good news for fans abroad)
-Mattel wants to do an Ecto-1 and Stay-Puft, provided they can make it affordable.

Beyond that, they revealed what figures they have planned for when, at least for the neat future.

6″ Egon (Slimer) – Now
12″ Ray – September 2009
6″ Ray (no-ghost) – Oct 2009
12″ Egon – November 2009
6″ Winston (trap w/vapor) – December 2009

6″ Peck (containment unit) – March 2010
12″ Venkman – April 2010
6″ Venkman (slimed) – May 2010
12″ Winston – July 2010

These leaves some curious breaks in the line-up between Jan-Feb 2010 and June 2010. Whether these are due to normal release breaks or are on hold for other potential figures isn’t known. Thanks to Terry for the heads up!

All this come from Toys News International, who have some blurry pics, which are cool, but PAINFUL to load on their site. This might be due to traffic demands, but for now I’ve pulled out a few cool pics and tried to at least brighten them. To see more pics from the event, you’ll have to go to their site.


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