Mystery slides – Weaver pre-production pics?


A set of slides (one, two, and three) has appeared on ebay, at a cost likely too high for the market (and perhaps more than they are worth, though if verified, they are certainly unique) – the three colour slides (ask your parents) feature a Ghostbusters appropriate Sigourney Weaver, with a Ghostbusters appropriate hair style, 80s vamping in a non-Ghostbusters appropriate hotel. The seller thinks they’re Ghostbusters images, but has no details, which begs the question then – what they hell are they?

The only thing I can think of, assuming they are related to Ghostbusters, is that they are audition pics of the actress, initially taken by the casting director so that a variety of actresses could be presented to the producers, director, and stars before final auditioning was done. Another option, given the hair-style, which is very much like the one she wore in the movie, is that they are costume/make-up test pics, which would serve a similar purpose as the audition pics – allowing a variety of options to be tried and photographed for later perusal, allowing the director, etc. to not have to be present for the time costly process.

I’ll have to read up on Weaver’s hiring more I guess…


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