Summertime sales on RGB DVD set extended! Extra Canuck Special until Aug. 1!

Those sale coupons Time-Life offered in June and July, that were due to expire today… GOT EXTENDED! According to Time-Life, both codes (see below for links) will not expire until August 27th. A whole extra month to get the RGB DVDs in their best form, at the cheapest price.

And if you’re in Canada, a code has gone out that will only be good until Saturday – On orders over $90 (not a problem for the $180 RGB set), you can get 17% off AND shipping for a buck (99 cents, technically.) I have not tried this code, and it’s only slightly better than the Summertime code (as it knocks a few bucks off your shipping, but only equals the set discount), but the official Time-Life email says it’s good till Sunday. Can’t hurt to try!

I’ve tried the code – it works! And it’s ten bucks cheaper! If you’re in Canada, get the set for $150.38 – that’s with shipping INSIDE CANADA included! This is the better deal until Saturday. Then it’s back to the Summertime code, which gets Canadians the set for $160.98, shipping included – still an excellent price!

The code is TLCSHARE – expires August 1st at 11:59PM

The Summertime codes with links are;

For Canadians – code AFSLIMER, which is $35 off (making the set $145) and expires August 27th.
This is an older code that Time-Life has revived specifically for Canadians!

For Americans – code AFSLIMER, which is 20% off (making the set $144) and expires August 27th.

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