T-shirt – from my back to yours [UPDATE]

Sort of.

Basically, I made up a shirt for my own use, but as it’s essentially a minimized priced (and a super-low one to boot – approx. $12 + s/h US), I might as well offer it up to the crowd as well. But as this is only intended as a short-lived project, it won’t be up long. And yes, the ladies can get one too, if they like. The print is metallic sparkle gold and silver – you can put it on the colour of your choice (I just set it to beige for my own preference – I left black tees behind years ago.)

[UPDATE] I just noticed on the Spreadshirt website, they’re having a sale coupon for designs with sparkle prints. Which is what I wanted anyhow, as that’s what the WotP sign looks like in the movie – the sparkle added a couple of bucks to the design, but the coupon takes it off. Even without the coupon, it’s still a stupidly inexpensive shirt.

In the US use – SPARKLE9
In Canada use – CADSPARKLE9

The website has some other hilarious t-shirts from other designers, the best being this multiple choice shirt (http://www.spreadshirt.com/us/US/There-is-no-Dana–Only-Zuul/Detail-3376/Marketplace/Products/detail/article/4749308/);
Great idea! Very high price – $24US. Yikes. But there you are.

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