Amazon taking pre-orders on RGB DVD set.

Well, and here I thought the Summer discount codes from Time-Life were as good as it got. has started taking pre-orders for a September 29th shipping of the complete RGB DVD series collection, by Time-Life – currently, Amazon’s discount puts the set at… have a seat…


BUT WAIT! Before anyone goes too crazy over the number, it should be pointed out that Canadians still currently have a comperable deal until Saturday, with the previously mentioned TLCSHARE code, which is $160.98CDN, shipping included – The pre-order works out to $137US plus shipping, which would put the final price en par with the Canadian Time-Life deal.

It should also be pointed out that Amazon is stating it reserves the right to alter their price later, better or worse. Still, at face value, this is an amazing deal for the last of the hold-outs.

Cheers to Troy for the tip.


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