LittleBigPlanet to get official Ghostbusters content? [UPDATE]

Or at least that’s what this teaser image (after the link, not the image here on PC – I just made that up) on the Media Molecule website, developers behind LittleBigPlanet, would have you believe. It’s not a big stretch mind you, as LBP is exclusive to the PS3 and Sony is pulling out all the stops this year to promote Ghostbusters on their system as much as they can. Also, the US Playstation blog is carrying the news as well, which adds some weight to the news, but it is still short of an official press release.

As you’ll notice, they are releasing a Statue of Liberty sack costume set for the 4th of July – it’s not Ghostbusters, but when a Ghostbusters pack does come out, it’ll add some unintended GB2 flair.

Stay tuned for more information. Thanks to Brandon and Kevin for the heads up!

[UPDATE] Media Molecule have updated their Ghostbusters poster to reveal a Sackboy in no-ghost costume. An excellent hint of things to come. Thanks to Juan, Kevin, Chris, Grim, and Eric for the heads up, nearly simultaneously.

Cleaning Up The Town exclusive GB2 interview clip

Anthony Bueno, producer/director of Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters, kindly sent us a clip from the documentary for the 25th anniversary screening here in Vancouver a couple of weekends back. And even more awesome, he let us post it up to share with those of you that couldn’t be there. It’s nice to see, as you find out in the clip, that Bill Murray learned for William Atherton’s harsh lesson.

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Amazon Minimates to be made available [UPDATE]

I manged to talk to Diamond Select a bit about their Ghostbusters the video game Minimates, and it turns out they’re not gone! Fans will be able to get them, in a limited supply, at the San Diego Comic Con, with the rest shipping to specialty stores. The sets will retail for $16.

Time to start bugging your local comic shop!

[UPDATE] The first series of Minimats have landing in comic shops, where you will also be able to buy the Amazon Minimates ghosts after SDCC, and Eric has the proof.

Sigourney Weaver doesn’t expect to appear in third movie

Talking to TV Squad about a variety of things, the topic turned to Ghostbusters 3, and while it has previously been said she would be involved, she is now not as certain.

So, you won’t be appearing in the movie?

No, I don’t expect to have anything to do with it, although I wish them well.

There’s way more than that, but that about sums it up – it should be pointed out for the conclusionally jumpy, Weaver does not say it is certain she wouldn’t be in the second sequel for Ghostbusters, but rather that she doesn’t think there will be. As the script writers hand in their first draft, and then everyone gets a crack at it, it’s not impossible that she will make at least a cameo, provided the movie actually goes into production. We’ll find out in good time.

Thanks to Daryn for the heads up.