Print Is Dead: Topps Ghostbusters [researching]


So, I’m a good ways into the Topps collectibles – Ghostbusters 2 cards, the Ghostbusters Fright Flicks cards, and the Slimer candies, but there are a few things I’m looking for that you might be able to help with;

– Scans of the front of GB2 cards, 7, 8, 12, 15, 19-21, 25, 26, 30, 31, 39, 42, 46, 47, 58-64, 66, 73, 74, 79, 80, 82, 83, and stickers 4 and 6 (front and back.)

– Any advertisements for any of the GB Topps goods.

Thanks all.

The test pages for the Real Ghostbusters magazine will be along shortly. I have to be careful that I think out the book’s interior entirely before I commit to any pages, otherwise I get dozens of pages in and don’t want to make any changes.

QUICK QUESTION (ANSWER IN COMMENTS) – Should collectible lists include check boxes? Would people enjoy using the book a way to keep track of what they have and what they’re still looking for? I mean, people can do that anyhow – anybody can place a pencil mark next to or around a comic listing, but it’s slightly more civilized if there’s a tick box there. Yeah? No? Maybe.

More merch found – buttons and posters

I’d seen these here and there, the buttons that is, and assumed they were knock offs – buttons (or badges, as they’re called in the UK) are everywhere these days, and more and more people have gotten their hands on the really simple tools required to make buttons.

It turns out though, these are for reals! Pyramind International has produced a line of individual buttons, 4-button packs, mini-posters, and reproductions of the movie posters! Amazing stuff!

The only down side is that the website doesn’t say where they’re being sold in the UK or US. Anybody seen them around?


Mystery slides – Weaver pre-production pics?


A set of slides (one, two, and three) has appeared on ebay, at a cost likely too high for the market (and perhaps more than they are worth, though if verified, they are certainly unique) – the three colour slides (ask your parents) feature a Ghostbusters appropriate Sigourney Weaver, with a Ghostbusters appropriate hair style, 80s vamping in a non-Ghostbusters appropriate hotel. The seller thinks they’re Ghostbusters images, but has no details, which begs the question then – what they hell are they?

The only thing I can think of, assuming they are related to Ghostbusters, is that they are audition pics of the actress, initially taken by the casting director so that a variety of actresses could be presented to the producers, director, and stars before final auditioning was done. Another option, given the hair-style, which is very much like the one she wore in the movie, is that they are costume/make-up test pics, which would serve a similar purpose as the audition pics – allowing a variety of options to be tried and photographed for later perusal, allowing the director, etc. to not have to be present for the time costly process.

I’ll have to read up on Weaver’s hiring more I guess…

Missing Game cut-scenes on YouTube

These are old news – Grim Santo sent me links to these three weeks back and I guess I forgot about them until someone asked about the missing Thanksgiving Day Parade cut-scene – but hopefully new to some of you!

Rainmaker, who rendered the cut-scenes in the game, had to work in parallel with the development of the game. This meant that any changes to the flow of the game play meant that some cut-scenes ended up on the digital cutting room floor, so to speak. But, they’re still there in the game structure for those who know how to dig through game discs.

The footage of them dancing, a la the GB music video, and the evil Parade Balloon are two clips that got rendered, and were either part of a sequence that got cut mid-production or rendered specifically for use elsewhere (like a trailer.) Hard to say.