IDW starts the hype for new Ghostbusters comic series.

Scott Lobdell and Ilias Kyriazis, writer and artist respectively, on the upcoming second Ghostbusters comic series – Ghostbusters: Displaced Agression – recently took a moment to talk about the project. The interview, published in recent issues of various IDW comics (I’m not sure which ones or if they’re from last week or tomorrow’s releases), has been posted online by Ilias Kyriazis, via his DeviantArt page.

It’s a solid interview, talking about a lot of what to expect from time-traveling Ghostbusters.

As a bonus, it’s clear that IDW is onlyl interested in putting those that really love the source material to work on the project. Lobdell talks about his love of the movies in the interview, while Kyriazis goes one better, posting a handful of pages on his site, along with some sweet fanart he did just for the heck of it!


Issue 1, page 4 - Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression
Issue 1, page 4 - Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression

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