ATI and PS3 announce Ghostbusters patch support

ATI has announced today the release of a hot-fix driver for some pressing issues in certain games, when played using an ATI HD2000 series or newer graphics card. The driver is not recommended if you are not experiencing problems, as hot-fixes aren’t subject to testing as rigorously as general driver releases, and are provided as is.

The only problem listed for Ghostbusters on PC appears to be no anti-aliasing support (meaning, everything looks all jaggy.)

And on a related note, it has been unofficially announced on the PS3 messageboards in Europe, that there will be an update for major issues with the PS3 version of Ghostbusters, including; game freezing, saved data corruption, problems with the game trophies, and the ability for players in Europe and Australia to play with gamers in the US. Thanks to GBfan Since 1984 for that one – even if you did post it in comments. Twice.

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