Gozerian Society t-shirt – 100% more Lovecrafty than the Masons. [UPDATE]

OK, I know there have been a lot of cool t-shirts lately, both official and unofficial, and I know that I’ve proclaimed a couple of them as the best. But as best as the previous ones were, I didn’t always buy them – I’m old, I can’t wear t-shirts every day any more.

But this one, I bought.

Just who raised the money and put in the hard work building the rooftop temple at 55 Central Park West? Who risked life, limb, and sanity to bring the Traveller to New York? Why, the Gozerian Society.

[UPDATE] The shirts are going to be on a slightly lighter shade of grey tee – the Esty site reflects this now, and anybody who has ordered to date has been contact via email. It’s still a hot shirt, just a minor change to the colour.

Be sure to send a note to the seller along with your order, letting him know what size and gender shirt you want.

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