PS3 Ghostbusters TVG patch – graphics still not 100%, saved games erased.

A couple of quick notes about the PS3 update for the Ghostbusters video game released last week;

– The graphics, while improved, do not by accounts equal the graphics on the Xbox 360. Well, better than nothing I guess… Thanks to Paul, et al for sending in the various news items, depressing though they are.

– Also, the patch will retain your trophies, your saved games will be lost, apparently. I have not confirmed this (I do not own a PS3). If it is true, this is an unfortunate fact about game patches. The new executable might choke on the old saved game format – ideally, this can be anticipated and a work-around built into code, but sometimes it just happens. On the off chance it happens by accident, maybe back up your saved game to a memory card or something. Again, I can’t swear by this, so it’s possible the updated game will still choke on the backed-up saves, you’ll have to reboot and resign yourself to starting a new saved game – I accept no responsibility in the matter.

Thanks to Dice on that last one.

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