Art Asylum on future GB Minimates, with dates

The Art Asylum blog just posted their regular mailbag Q&A, and as ever, a couple were Ghostbusters related;

Poe Ghostal
Given that you took the time to design a special Minimates-style Ghostbusters logo, what are the chances of seeing that as an actual Minimate? I could see it working by using a white Slimer body with a red logo attachment.

DSTChuck: I think that’s only a long shot maybe. Sony and the folks were nice enough to let us tweak the iconic logo and for that alone we’re very grateful!

Alan M
Hi: I was wondering if there is any remote chance the second series of Ghostbusters Minimates (Ray and Winston) could be available before the November suggested date. Series I was amazing and I can’t wait to have the group completed. Also are you considering making the rookie Ghostbusters from Ghostbusters The Video Game?? That would Rock!! Keep up the good work!!

DSTChuck: I think GB2 will be in TRU in early September and just about the same for the second box set in comic stores. Right now we’ve go no plans for video game figures beyond the ghost set that’s already out there.

Art Asylum had previously put the specialty store box set at just before Halloween, but it sounds like it could be earlier now.

Keeping in mind their possible early releases mentioned above, here’s AA last list;

Ghostbusters Video Game Minimates Box Set

Ghostbusters Slimer Bank

Ghostbusters Ecto1 License Plate Replica
Ghostbusters Minimates PX Glow in the Dark Slimer & Ray Two-Pack
Ghostbusters Minimates Series 2 Box Set

Ghostbusters Logo Bank

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