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As the long weekend wraps up, DragonCon2009 and PKE Surge is coming to a close – how’d it go? Where you there? Tell us everything! Did the special, PKE Surge 2009 Proton Charging buttons make it?

The GBFans chatter!

Flickr Pics!


  1. Is that an RGB pack prop I spy in the fourth picture? Pretty awesome.

  2. Yup – I believe it won an award.

  3. It was great fun. Got to meet AJ and a bunch of other super cool GB’s. We are currently on our way back to KC. Thanks for making my first D*Con a memorable experience.

  4. had a great time! It’s hard to even describe how awesome the whole thing was, especially the parade. Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, planning, hospitality and pulling it off!

  5. Great pics. Although I managed to avoid being in almost all of them. LOL. =D

  6. great pics! wish i was there

  7. Of course you forget, you were present at an unexplained mass Ghostbuster migration…

  8. Look Ma! It’s one of them there gay pride parades!

  9. We had a couple of RGB packs and at least one VG pack that I know of. There were 46 of us in the parade and the crowd went crazy whenever we walked past. It took you twice as long to get where you were going when in full gear because everyone wanted a picture of you. We had all been told at least once or twice that we needed to move because our crowd was blocking traffic flow in the halls. It was rockin’ awesome and I look forward to the next. I just need to be able to find a way to get the time of for it:)

  10. wow, so much proton-pack/Slime Blower/GIRLS!/uniforms (I saw some dude wearing a brown one? I guess the animated Peter Venkman wore a brown uniform)….oh, my!

  11. The metric fuck-ton of khaki suits sickens me. Kudos to the guy who wore his RGB costume. He didn’t look like a sheep.

  12. The three screen accurate navy washed Charcoal Ghostbusters 2 uniforms and their screen accurate belts are amazing.

  13. Yes, I second Bo in giving kudos to those who dared to be different by wearing non-khaki colored uniforms. I spied one gal in a red/pink uniform – a nod to RGB Janine, perhaps? And another dressed as Kylie. Plus there was a wondering Louis, the few in black GB2 jumpsuits, and the few in RGB suits/packs.

    At least that’s what I can surmise from all of the pics and videos.

  14. And in one of the pics I just saw, there was someone dressed up as the Statue of Liberty with mini-Ghostbusters in her crown.

    Now THAT’S different!

  15. PKE Surge 2009 was amazing,I’m the one in the Sage Green jumpsuit,for the record there were 2 Video Game packs,one belongs to my best friend Dralin,he’s in the blue jumpsuit.

  16. Saw a fair few GTVG packs there, But it would have been funny as hell if someone would have worn one with a grey “GB2″ flightsuit with the No ghost logo OVER the ghostbusters 2 logo. Certainly would have been accurate.

  17. Yes, big props to those that went outside the norm, but I wouldn’t go so far as to denigrate those with more typical outfits. You put the time and money into the costume and you make the trip to DragonCon, you get to march down the street in whatever you want, I say.

  18. It’s video of sheep, isn’t it?

  19. I liked the Proton Pack from the game being represented here – with the Slime Blower attachment built in. Snazzy.

  20. Thanks for the comments guys, I was Louis.

  21. `:- Bo’s comments aren’t too cool but also pretty typical. His rep in the community has always been a detrimental one at best. Kudos to the rest of you who showed up and did your thing. The variety was certainly impressive, everything from regular packs to game to cartoon, etc. Congrats to AJ on getting the table and coordinating things so well.

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