Serious Ghostbusters tattoo [UPDATE]

While there are many Ghostbusters tattoos in the world, not all of them are as… MASSIVE as Shon Johnson’s. Featured in the Oct. 2009 (#242) issue of Tattoo Magazine, this full arm sleeve features Stay Puft, The Library Ghost, Slimer, Louis, and Ray, with little extras here and there, like a working ghosttrap. Easily one of the most impressive Ghostbusters tattoos out there! Are there more? Send them in! Thanks to Chris for taking the time to send in the article!

[UPDATE] At Slimerjtcp’s suggestion, I had a look at the Ghostbusters tattoos at and yes, there is another sleeve out there that is comparable to this one, though the pics are that great in detail, but it’s got some sweet images.

As well, Mike at the forums has a sleeve in progress, using the 88MPH comic art.

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