Custom Ghostbuster Chucks! Scam or good idea?

(@ CreepyLA) Right now, on eBay, $250 will nab you a pair of custom made Converse Chuck Taylors, done Ghostbusters style. There are four variations to choose from (mixing and matching the various bits and bobs – colour of sole, piping, stitching, etc.), but regardless of your final picks, the pair comes with a Ghostbuster logo (looks like one of the patches readily available online currently) and your name stitched into the heel, a la the name patch on the GB jumpsuits.

Still, I’d buy a pair of these over the World’s Most Expensive Hoodie!

[UPDATE] As kris has pointed out, custom Converse can be made via their website, and indeed it looks like this is exactly the system the eBayer is using to create the shoe, then slapping a logo patch on it. The custom shoes, in canvas, are $62, plus shipping. Two patches for two shoes is another $20. At the bid price of $200, that’s a solid profit for the seller. I didn’t think there were any new scams under the sun, but this one’s pretty close.

With this in mind, it’s still a solid idea, and I recommend you check out the Converse site, where you have the option of making your own (sans logo) – you can even choose leather material, kids sizes, and even the Chuck X-hi’s which are more boot-like. Heck, why stop there? Why not the Converse Purcell’s or Skate shoes?

What other shoe companies let you build your own customs online that might make solid action shoes for a Ghostbuster on the run? Send em in!

Put together a cool design? Pop a screenshot!

[VIA Creepy LA]


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