Third draft of GB3 script is done – but is it any good?

estatic_smallAs of late August, a third script for Ghostbusters 3 had not yet been completed, according to Dan Aykroyd;

“As (‘Ghostbusters’ director) Ivan Reitman says – and I quote him now – ‘It’s all just talk,”‘ Aykroyd said.

“That’s pretty much what we can say. Until we can see a script, until we have casting, until we’ve got a production number,” he added before trailing off. “I’m the biggest cheerleader. I think it’s going to happen, but really it’s just theory until the production number is stamped.”

But all that has now changed as of last Friday, when Dan Aykroyd revealed he had in his possession the new draft for the third film, a fact mentioned in passing, without fanfare, as Aykroyd spoke to Baltimore press during his recent Crystal Head vodka promotional stop;

I’m going to see the script in the next few hours, I’m about to read the third script, I’ve been submitted it and we’ll see what happens.

Thanks to Andreas for the link – now we just have to wait and see if he likes it… and if Reitman likes it, and Murray likes it, and if Ramis likes it, and the studio likes it, and then if they can get the cast scheduled, and then if the studio greenlights it… then we might finally have a third movie.

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