Stay-Puft bank packaging revealed

Art Asylum has posted packaging shots of their soon-to-be-released Mr. Stay-Puft piggy bank and it looks haaaaawt. Thanks, Juan!


As this is confusing some people, a certain amount of non-boxed, angry-face Stay-Pufts were released around San Diego Comic-Con – they were sold at ComicCon and some online through a couple of vendors. This is the packaging for… if you’ll actually look at the pictures… the happy-faced Stay-Puft that was solicited in Previews catalog for a regular retail release on October 21st.


Apparently there is a non-boxed version of the Smiley Stay-Puft that was sold through Diamond Select, in addition to the SDCC Angry Stay-Puft exclusive (which was also unboxed) – be that as it may, here are pictures of a boxed Smiley Stay-Puft, which is still due for release, with the last date mentioned being October 21st.


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