Zombies make me feel good. [UPDATE]

If you’re like me, you’re already planning to go see Zombieland, and no encouragement is required – though if it helps, but all accounts I’ve heard thus far, it’s a total hoot and just as much fun as we’ve been hoping.

However, if you’re up in the air trying to decide between seeing it this opening weekend or later, I might have something to add to the debate – a friend got a chance to see a press screening and besides confirming its zombie awesomeness, well… the Internets are going to blab it pretty quick, so best to see it before that happens.

While I don’t want to spoil it (which is hard, when you’re also trying to convince people to see it sooner rather than later and they might want to know why) I will try and clarify what it’s not, so nobody gets the wrong idea here.

– No, it’s not a trailer for a third movie. We hear about trailers before they hit the theatres these days anyhow.
– No, it’s not a zombie-tastic repeat of Ray’s cameo in Casper.
– No, it’s not the return of Elon Spengler.

Cheers, GW!


This is a film that is accessible to any audience (though it’s rated R by the MPAA for a reason) and certainly won’t disappoint non-horror fans. Bill Murray has one of the all-time great cameos complete with Ghostbusters references and all appropriate reverence for the comedy great.

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