Atari’s $75-100K GB press pays off.

PR Week has an article looking at the marketing plan used to promote Ghostbusters the video game – the feature uses a lot of quotes and information from Atari CEO Jim Wilson, who outlines the challenges in marketing the game, such as the delay in release as the property moved from one publisher to another. Simply put, the 6 month plan was to let the game speak for itself, hence all the hands-on coverage, as the game demo popped-up at conventions and trade shows around the world.

The article provides a good look at how the marketing of games is perceived by publishers, in that 6 months was considered the minimum marketing timeframe possible once Atari acquired the property. Something, for everyone that wanted to know why they didn’t just put it out last October, to think about.

But the interesting part is that PR Week included budgets with their features, and the marketing campaign for Ghostbusters is listed as being $75,000 – $100,000 spent between November of last year and August. Not bad, consider the article also confirms One million units sold (with 75% sell-through – meaning 750K copies were actually paid for, with the rest trickling out over the rest of the year.)

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