Wii Slimer Edition rockets up charts – awesome for GB, sucks for Wii

Gamasutra’s weekly sales charts show Amazon’s Exclusive Slimer Edition of the Ghostbusters video game for Wii coming in second place, just after Wii Fit and ahead of Mario Kart. This is presumably due to Amazon putting the Slimer editions on sale a couple of weeks back, and the Wii version being the cheapest of them all (Wii titles are generally cheaper to begin with, hence the price difference between the Wii edition and the PS3/Xbox 360 editions.)

Which is great for Ghostbusters! And kind of bad for Nintendo. The Slimer Edition was produced in limited numbers, so either Amazon sold the bulk of their Wii editions (not unlikely, as last week’s four hour sale was limited to the Xbox 360 version) in that one sale or they sold well, and Wii sales through Amazon are just low in general, by comparison.

Doesn’t matter – a lot of people get themselves a bargain on the Slimer statue, which by now the main reason to pick up a Slimer Edition of the game.

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