Halloween is nearly here, and you know what that means!

Yup. The annual posting to the old DIY Ghostbusters costume article I wrote many years ago.

It’s that time of year again – time for me to haul out the Proton Charging annual guide to making yourself a cheap and dirty Ghostbusters costume! The kind you can take to the bar, get some high-fives, and not worry if it (or you) gets trashed.

Things have changed in the last few years that impact this guide a little – for starters, there is now a line of off-the-shelf GB costumes – both of which you can buy through 80s Tees (I’ve ordered through them before, and they are reliable and fast.) Totally cheap jumpsuit with a blow-up proton pack. One might poo-poo such a thing, but hold on there poopy – with one simple product, you have a passable jumper (remember, I advocated cheap, disposable, painter’s coveralls in a pinch) which also have the GB logos already on the shoulders! That’s two down. Add in the little flourishes from the PC Cheap-o guide (belt, boots, elbow pads) and you’ve really got something. Heck, you even sort of have a proton pack! Plus, they come in kids sizes! Moms pay attention!

They also come in sexy sizes. Sexy moms, pay attention!

Other than that, good luck, play safe, and take pictures to send in to PC!

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