Internet Vapor News – Reitman to direct GB3.

Since a) every pop culture news site in the world is reporting it, and b) every one is sending me links to every pop culture in the world reporting it, I’m going to quickly address it.

1) I’m not super familiar with Bloody Disgusting, who originated this news burst with their exclusive, but mysterious report, though I enjoy the site and have no doubt that they’re not just pulling it out of their butt. They’re not, however, even hinting at their source, which therefore makes it more of a rumour. A strong rumour, but a rumour nontheless.

2) All the other sites are reporting the BD story, because it sounds awesome to them. But you have to remember, they’re not following Ghostbusters-only news, like PC does, so they didn’t bother reporting Ivan Reitman talking about his strong interest in directing a couple of weeks back, which is stronger information, but since he wasn’t saying he was committed to directing, it’s not as cool a news story as the BD rumour. These sites want traffic, and so they go for the more exciting story. And for every site that picks up the story, the small detail about Bloody Disgusting not even referencing their source is more and more removed. The end result is that every wave of sites picking up the story are framing it as “IVAN REITMAN TELLS PRESIDENT HE’S DIRECTING GHOSTBUSTERS 3! THEN SWEARS ON THE HOLY BIBLE IN FRONT OF POPE!” A solid rumour is suddenly certain news. Phooey.

3) The most interesting part of the BD piece is that the story for the third movie has the franchise starting up again after years offline. You know, the same mistake Ghostbusters 2 made.

So, I’m not interested in their unconfirmed anonymous tip about Reitman, as his interest is better confirmed in his older interview, but I am interested in the unconfirmed news that the third script is pulling a GB2, and re-using the same formula as before – unlikely team of scientists builds up ghost catching business when a large supernatural force threatens the world. Cue Saving-The-Day montage.

Thanks to everyone that sent in links via email or Twitter – it is very cool news, though moreso to “the straights” than to hardcore Ghostheads who’ve been following every scrap of info about GB3, right?

For some perspective, this is from the Bloody Disgusting piece;

s previously reported, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver have all confirmed their involvement (in various interviews on the web).

This is from a report earlier in the year when Ramis was quoted as saying “Everyone has said they’ll do it.” Ramis did not then list names, but everyone assumed that Moranis, being part of everyone according to them (despite not knowing if he was according to Ramis), was therefore going to be in the third movie.

At the exact same time, Rick Moranis, was emphatically not involving himself in the videogame. As well, he has been very vocal about distancing himself from any future Ghostbusters, as when he told PC directly;

It’s a long shot to be sure, but hypothetically speaking, if it all came together, would you go back to do a third movie? It always being talked about and I think that people invest a lot of their heart in it, underestimating what it takes to make a movie. But in the land of whimsy, would you go back and do Louis again. I know for a fact that Louis is, potentially CFO in the next movie. Is there someplace to go with the character?

I think I might be a little too old to put on that equipment again. I think at some point every Canadian knows when to hang up their skates and I think I’d rather remember Louis the way he was and not try and figure who he is in his 50s.

There’s a debate online, do you make it with the old crew or with a bunch of new kids.

I thought the funny was had in one movie. I didn’t like the experience in shooting the second one, or the final product.

Not to say Rick won’t change his mind, or that Reitman isn’t, in fact, directing, but there’s a big difference between saying something and officially confirming something.

Right now, we can’t officially confirm BD’s scoop, but it remains a solid rumour for now.

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