Hudson hearsay sez Reitman guessing a Fall 2010 GB3 start

group500I’m posting this partially because its intriging and partly as a test of my no-comments-for-GB3-posts resolution.

Top notch PC reader and Philly GB member EDFX got to meet Ernie Hudson at the Big Apple Con this weekend in New York. The guys got a great photo with him, as well as a video interview – not included on the tape, but rather told to them afterwards by Mr. Hudson, is that Ivan Reitman has contacted him about a third Ghostbusters and that Ivan Reitman is guessing on a Fall 2010 filming start.

So, to recap, for those that are reality or impulse impaired – this is hearsay (ie, Hudson told the Philly GBs) of intent (Reitman contacted Ernie just to check on things – schedule timing, etc. most like) and a guess (Reitman is guessing on a Fall 2010 start, leaving a year for the principles to clear their work schedule for GB3, and assuming Sony says OK.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – sometimes some details have to be started before the money starts to come in and cameras start to roll, meaning Reitman, who intends to make the film, has to get an idea of when everyone will be free now, even before Sony says OK. Otherwise Sony says OK, and THEN they start to schedule things… which means it doesn’t start until later, which means it doesn’t get done and released until later…)

Thanks Ed and Co.

OK, it’s 9:10 on Sunday…

…how long until this is all over the movie news sites, who are currently Ghostbusters 3 Insane!?